Bert G Argue


Traditional yet timeless!

The customers were looking for a classic transitional bathroom that wouldn’t go out of style in a couple of years.
We went with a predominantly white colour scheme, with marble and chrome accents, making it timeless.
The bathroom is very bright and has a spa-like feel, with a custom cultured marble shower base that blends in beautifully.
In order to take advantage of the entire space, we enlarged the shower and put in an asymmetrical tub along an angled wall.
This allowed us to accommodate a make-up area across from it with a lit magnification mirror. Cambria quartz counters finish it off with style and luxury.

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    Custom Cabinets

    Cambria Torquay Countertops

    Aquabrass Fixtures

    Neptune Malaga F1 Freestanding Tub

    Custom Shower Base

    Custom Glass

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