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Westend Bath and Kitchen contractors put their experience to work every day

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Customer satisfaction is paramount

 They say in the home renovation industry there is no such thing as a perfectly square corner. It’s a given that almost every house will begin to show a bit of character as it gets on in years – a bit of a droop here, a slight twist there – which doesn’t become an issue until you try to install something like crown-moulded kitchen cabinets that are supposed to fit flush with the ceiling.

When veteran Westend Bath & Kitchen contractor Rick Cleroux and his team of installers ran into this very situation with a kitchen ceiling that had a sag in it, he drew on his decades of experience to come up with a solution that used precisely shaped and feathered drywall segments to create a new ceiling line along the top of the wall. It was a brilliant fix.

“I’ve pretty much seen it all,” said Cleroux. “After we painted it, you could not tell that the ceiling was ever uneven – the repair was invisible.”

 Dealing with unforeseen situations that call for quick decisions and fine craftsmanship solutions are all in a day’s work for the professional contractor crews at Westend Bath & Kitchen during their renovations and installations. Cleroux, 53, has been associated with the company for as long as Westend has been in business – more than 30 years. And while he began learning his trade at his uncle’s plumbing business right after leaving high school, many of the younger installers now joining the ranks have college trades programs and other specialty training under their belts.

Westend’s in-house team of experienced estimators, designers and project managers facilitate a cohesive, seamless interaction between the contractors and the clients with respect to detailed design plans, choosing and ordering materials, and a collaborative finished product. At Westend Bath & Kitchen, the contractor keeps in constant contact with the customer as well as the design staff to ensure a completely satisfactory customer experience throughout the entire renovation.

“One of the nice things about working for Westend is that they give us room to bring our experience and professionalism into play,” said Cleroux. “They give us a time frame to do the work, but they also understand that things could come up unexpectedly when we open up the walls. Westend orders all the materials and has them delivered to the site. It’s like a symphony. Everything is choreographed.”

Westend Bath & Kitchen prides itself on choosing the contractor who is best suited for each job, but the outcome is always the same – complete customer satisfaction. No matter what the job is, the company is all about delivering quality service and peace of mind to their customers. When it comes to regulations, Westend’s professional staff of designers, managers and installers know the industry standards for residential design and construction, and will ensure the work is done to code. There are no shortcuts here.

“I love this business,” said Cleroux. “It’s a personal satisfaction thing, seeing the end result.”

The Westend Bath & Kitchen showroom, located at 1660 Woodward Dr., is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also visit their newly updated website at www.westendbk.ca, or call 613-226-7701 to schedule a free estimate for your next home renovation. To take a virtual walkthrough of the company’s 8,000-sq-ft showroom, just click on About Westend, and scroll down to the “step through our doors” link under Our Showroom. It’s a great way to see some of the quality product lines this family-owned business recommends for long-term customer satisfaction.

Qualified installers and sales personnel interested in joining the Westend Bath & Kitchen team are invited to send their applications by e-mail to info@westendbk.ca.

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