Westend creates relaxing ensuite oasis for retired couple

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Accessible shower, better use of space makes for an ideal bathroom reno

When they bought their new home in 1987, Peter and Janice liked the elegant spaciousness of the ensuite bathroom with its large step-up bathtub. It was the 1980s, after all, and as far as the home construction industry was concerned, waterjet tubs trumped shower facilities.

It didn’t take long for the cramped shower space to lose favour with Peter, and the oversized bathtub — which took an entire tank of hot water to fill and cooled down too quickly — no longer worked for Janice, who looked forward to a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

After 29 years, the couple decided it was time to change things up to make better use of the space for their retirement lifestyle. They had already redone their kitchen themselves, but were not keen on repeating the time-consuming process of seeking out specialty contractors and suppliers, and navigating the red tape associated with acquiring the necessary permits and inspections. Still, being an active couple, they decided to tackle the demolition of the ensuite before calling in a renovation company. There were a few surprises waiting for them.

“That shower door,” Peter said. “For 29 years I fixed it and repaired it, and it always looked like it was ready to fall down. But when I went to take it apart I had to take a sledgehammer to it. The tub was even worse. All the two-by-fours and four-inch nails that were in there — it was crazy.”

“It was a huge undertaking,” Janice agreed, adding they were both glad that Westend Bath and Kitchen would be taking over for the renovation.

Their meeting with Westend designer Sarah Stott could not have gone better. “When we met Sarah, she really listened to what we wanted,” Janice said. “We were right on the same page about the modern French country look that Peter and I like.”

Stott also took cues from the rest of the house in approaching her design. “They appreciate a classic, sophisticated style, so we looked at a tile floor made of gorgeous faux wood porcelain, complemented by a brick-style tiled accent wall behind the free-standing tub,” she said. “We used warm, inviting tones throughout the room, including Cambria quartz for the vanity countertop and shower surround. The doorless entry, zero threshold shower is much more practical for them. The new bathroom is very alluring.”

The couple said they were amazed by the wide selection of products on display at the Westend showroom, and by how Stott arranged various items for them to see together in better context. “Sarah was awesome to deal with,” Janice said. “She is a very smart designer.”

Stott knew that Westend installer Richard Cleroux and his team could make the new design a reality for her clients with the best possible workmanship, something the clients could not say enough good things about. “They were so professional and polite, and the quality of the work was excellent,” Peter said.

“It’s so relaxing,” Janice added. “I turn the lights down, and it is so peaceful and relaxing in there. It’s a little oasis. I just love it. We would go back to Westend in a heartbeat. They wowed us with their personality as well as their design. It was a wonderful experience.”

The Westend Bath and Kitchen Showroom, located at 1660 Woodward Dr., is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also visit www.westendbathand kitchen.com, or call 613-226-7701 to schedule a free estimate.

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