Westend welcomes back repeat customer satisfied with quality of products and service

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Trusted relationship between client and company proven by creative condo renovation

With 30 years in the home renovation business in Ottawa, the management and staff of Westend Bath and Kitchen enjoy welcoming returning customers back to their showroom. Whether it is to launch the next phase of a major kitchen and bath renovation, or to pick up again with a customer following a move to a new home, the Westend team appreciates the loyalty they receive from their clients.

One of these valued relationships was evident when a familiar Alta Vista area condominium owner walked into the Westend showroom last November. She had already had her kitchen, laundry room and small bathroom done by Westend, and was ready to begin her next renovation project – the condo’s ensuite. Westend manager Alan Carriere, designer Rebecca Neale and contractor Rick Cleroux would handle this next phase of the work for her.

The customer’s association with Westend goes back almost a decade to when the company renovated the laundry room and bathrooms at her former house in Old Ottawa East. The superior quality of the work and materials made it easy for her to bring Westend back after moving into her condominium. It was a company whose reputation she had come to trust.

“Why would I go somewhere else?” she said. “Westend seems to have solutions for my problems. I have always been satisfied.”

Designer Rebecca Neale said she looked forward to modernizing the 1980s-vintage ensuite bathroom to suit the wishes of this special client. “I was excited about this project because I knew the ‘after’ would be drastically different. There were marble walls and mirrors everywhere, and there was a massive corner tub that took up a lot of the space. The vanity wasn’t nearly as useful as it could be.”

Condominium renovations come with certain restrictions, particularly where the shared plumbing infrastructure is concerned, but for Westend these simply presented opportunities to come up with wonderfully creative solutions. “Westend knew how to work with the limitations to give me a bright, modern-looking new bathroom,” the customer said.

What they gave her was a smaller, angled tub, and a walk-in shower with a tiled base in an attractive overall design that makes excellent use of the space. For the custom- built vanity, Neale introduced plenty of storage through the use of side organizer pullouts and a bank of drawers in the middle. She created even more much-needed storage capacity by removing the separate bidet and installing a custom-built linen tower in its place. The new toilet features a bidet- style Washlet seat from Toto. “All in all,” Neale said, “the bathroom feels much more fresh, open and energized.”

The condominium owner said she was as much pleased by the process as with the result, and had nothing but compliments for the company’s personal service and attention to detail. “I wouldn’t hire Westend if I didn’t like their designers, their subcontractors and their products,” she said. “Westend has a baseline standard below which they won’t go.”

The Westend Bath & Kitchen Showroom, located at 1660 Woodward Dr., is open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also visit www.westendbk.ca, or call 613-226-7701 to schedule a free estimate.

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